Peregrine (falcongirl) wrote in we_like_food,

Sugar frosted choco bombs - the drink

So, not really a recipe.

1 - 12 oz mug.
1 - packet instant cocoa with marshmallows. MUST HAVE MARSHMALLOWS!
2 - dark chocolate hershey's kisses
1 shot espresso

Put cocoa and hershey's kisses in mug. Add espresso. Add hot water. Stir until kisses dissolve. Drink.

Wait for the sugar/caffeine buzz to hit. If you're me, start talking in gibberish because your 33rpm brain just got kicked to 78rpm.

I hate the taste of coffee. I needed the caffeine today. This is what came out. Y'know that fuzzy feeling you get on your teeth after eating any of the sugar frosted cereals? Yeah. Same thing.

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