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Thai chicken lettuce wraps (easy recipe!!)

I thought I would post this recipe as my picky 10 yr old loves these.

non-stick fry pan

Bibb lettuce leaves (washed and patted dry)

crunchy lo mein noodles

peanut sauce (whatever kind you like best)

fake or real diced already cooked chicken

slivered raw carrots

slivered almonds

ginger (fresh or powder)

garlic (however you like your garlic)

onion powder(or real onion if you don't have a picky 10 yr old)

water chestnuts (unless you have picky 10 yr old)

Throw in the fry pan.. the chicken,carrots,almonds, soy sauce,ginger,garlic,onion,orange juice(not too much or it gets too damp) this dries out fast so be careful it isn't too dry either.

Cook til it's hot.

spoon onto plates with 3-4 bibb lettuce leaves each.

You can then add crunchy lo mein noodles, more uncooked slivered carrots and more uncooked almonds if desired.(You can also add for the veggies some fresh cucumber bits or some coconut curry noodles like the cheesecake factory does with theirs) Stuff into leaves then spoon peanut sauce over the whole thing.

Shove in your face and enjoy!


This also microwaves well as leftovers for lunch for work.
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